The prayers selected for Saints' Prayers are from the recognized saints from the Catholic Church, and thenceforth from Blessed, Venerable and respected men and women recognized for their holiness and by the spiritual benefits of their writings and speech. In all cases these prayers have been selected with great care and respect to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, granted in perpetuity by Christ at its foundation.


If you wish to benefit from these prayers you must not only meditate upon them but also put your heart into them. You will not be able to put your heart into them if you do not pray to be able to do so. In other words to pray well you must ask for the grace to pray well, and be always thankful for what grace is given, much or little, seen or unseen. If you then, pray for the grace to understand the prayers and pray and act upon the words of the saints, and are reconciled to God in a state of grace you will receive what you ask for, for He has promised to give to those who are reconciled to Him, 'seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.'

All prayers presuppose recognition and embracing that the will of God is the true and good answer to all prayers.

Please remember to avoid distractions in prayer, and to 'pray always'.

Further Info

Saints' Prayers and its associated websites, are cared for through the charity and efforts of devout volunteers, as a work of Christian service. Please consider becoming a part of this work through contributions of time and prayer.

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Please remember to follow the saints and pray every day, and remember the goal of Christians is unceasing prayer.

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